"What's a THIRD EYE?!"

Growing up as a highly intuitive and sensitive soul, being labeled and identifying as an artist was a blessing. It gave me creative license to drift from social norms and rationalized my "different" way of seeing and interacting with the world.

In my teenage years, my extrasensory perception became more apparent. I had the most amazing dream the first week after moving to New Mexico. My father lived near one of the largest petroglyph sites in North America. I had not yet visited the park and really had no frame of reference as to the spiritual significance of the area. In my dream I was transported out to the fields of basalt christened with symbols by Native Americans 700 years earlier. A dust storm raged, and earth became sands that took flight uncovering caverns below. A stoic figure, that I could only describe as a Native American chief, stood before me. While I could hardly stand upright and was clutching pillars of rock to keep from being blown away, this figure seemed to exist in a parallel universe, completely unaffected by the storm. Then all at once our eyes locked and I was pulled into his space of complete stillness. He began to speak to me and my ability to recall blurred as I melted into this extremely altered state of consciousness.

...and here's the funny part. I awoke with the only part of the message I could remember, that it was "very special- very important" what I could see with my... left eye? right eye? Hmm, I couldn't remember which eye he had said, but I knew it was REALLY important! I was a bit obsessed about which of my eyes was so special but had no clue. Some time later, I met my first energy healing teacher, Jaculin Dorman, and retold the dream to her, anxious for answers. She gave me this amused look and said, "Ashley could it have been your THIRD eye?"
"What's a third eye?!" Yes, I still had a lot to learn.

I continued to attend Jaculin's healing gatherings and received my first Reiki attunements while I was still a teenager. At that time, I also met my beloved future husband, John Motley, and we embarked on a non-stop healing adventure filled with meditation, retreats, fire walks, sweat lodges, and a trip to China to study with several revered Qigong masters. John went on to receive his Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. And while I received my formal degree in the Fine Arts, the truth is I spent far more time creating, painting, and sculpting with spiritual energy. I was attuned as a Reiki Master in 1999. In the next few years, I continued my spiritual studies in the traditions of shamanism and sound therapy, all the while nurturing two very energetic souls in little bodies.

Flash forward to today, and here we are raising two wonderful teenage daughters, and continuing to serve our Maui community with transformational healing therapies. With infinite love and gratitude, journey on... 

Reiki Master & Energy Healer